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In the past, we have procedural programming, which divides a program into a set of functions and these functions operates on data.

But as the program grows we get many functions related between each others.

When we make a change on one function, this can break other functions, which is problematic.

So, the OOP (Object Oriented Programming ) comes to solve this problems. …

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When it comes to making money as a programmer, I have found many advices on the internet. Some mention 10 ways, some 3 ways, etc

But, by going deep and analyzing these ways I found that it’s all about solving problems. People are going to give you money if you solve their problem that’s it :-)

The more you solve problems, the more you earn !

Just, you have to developer this amazing skill, by practice, persistence and patience.

I will not talk a lot in theory, let’s jump to a CONCRET EXAMPLE or CHALLENGE, as you are a programmer…

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In this story, I am going to talk about a very interesting topic, which is passing programming interview.

I have more than 6 years of experience in the Programming field, I have passed many interviews.

From my experience, what is more important for companies by this kind of interview is to know if the candidate is capable of solving problems and how she/he solves it.

So, I will give a challenge and we will try to solve it in an efficient way :-)

The challenge is :

You are given a string of space separated numbers, and have to return…

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In this story we are going to solve a new challenge using Java programming language, the solution is applied to any other programming language too.

The challenge is :

Write A Function, that it reverses all of the words within the string passed in.


"The best way to master programming is by solving problems " --> "problems solving by is programming master to way best the"

As Uncle Bob (Bob Martin) says :

“The Only Way to go Fast, is to go…

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Building tiny projects in your free time is something that you have to do as a programmer.

The main goal is to test out ideas that sometimes work and you can make a lot of money.

The process of selling a website or application had always been an art.

Therefore, in this post I’ll tell you what it is like to sell a tiny project, and how I think anyone can.

1. Building a Project

According to many successful small-business founders and serial entrepreneurs.

Your very best idea may not be quite what your customers want, for whatever reason.

If you’ve spent all your…

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I had prepared for a technical interview for a web developer on our team. I have two questions ready, questions that I had asked candidates multiple times before.

The candidate came in and sat down. He had a degree in Computer Science, and a long list of credentials that would prepare him for a mid-level job, and I was prepared to interview a entry-level developer job.

I have explained the first question, and let him…

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When we talk about code reviews, we focus on the reviewer.

But the developer who writes the code is just as important to the review as the person who reads it.

This article talks about the best books, which show the best practices for participating in a code review when you’re the author.

You’re going to be so good at sending out your code for review that your reviewer will like you.

1- Clean Code: A Handbook of Agile Software Craftsmanship by Robert C. Martin

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As a developer you will have a lot of time maintaining working code.

There are definitely times where you are writing more new code than maintaining, upgrading, bug fixing and improving old code, but in general code is expensive and people want to run it for a long time.

Often you’ll jump into code to fix a bug, investigate an issue or answer a question.

When you do so, improve it.

This doesn’t mean you rewrite it, or upgrade all the libraries it depends on, or rename all the variables.

You don’t need to transform it.

But you should make…

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As the world of technologies goes very fast. We need to stay up to date with technology.

Every day, we learn programming languages, frameworks, and libraries.

The more modern tools we know “the better”.

Time is limited, nonrenewable and you cannot buy more of it.

Technology is moving faster than ever before.

To catch up, we need to run very fast. This race has no winners because it has no end.

So, Invest your golden time in transferable skills. Skills that will always be relevant.

Instead, reading a lot of books about frameworks, libraries, etc. …

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In this article I will talk about next part of commonly asked Java/JEE interview questions.

Before, jumping to the list, I want to mention that It is great to be good technically, but you have to be also great on communication to succeed.

Being a good communicator will help you get the interview easier.

One of the tools will help you to write a good cover letter and email message is

Grammarly’s AI-powered writing assistant (affiliate link)

So, let’s go back to our list.

25) What is a thin client?

A J2EE application client runs on a client machine and can provide a richer user interface…

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